Hi! I'm Alicia Power and I'd LOVE to invite you to an AMAZING VIDEO COURSE 

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I'm the Founder of, have been a spiritual mentor for 34 years, I'm a Master Intuitive, and have designed these 5 minute videos to help you EVOLVE YOUR SOUL... and to MAKE SURE YOU FULFILL YOUR LIFE.

Just ONE 5 min VIDEO each week (SO much gets packed into that 5 mins...)

...talking you into BEAUTIFUL CONNECTION WITH YOUR OWN SOUL, so YOU become FULFILLED AT YOUR SOUL-LEVEL.  (Read below how we do it and get a taste once you're inside.)



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Each week you will receiva 5 Minute "Soul Workout" Video.

Each Week...


In those 5 fast minutes you will program your week:

  • Notice what your SOUL needs...
  • 'SOUL PROGRAM' to stay calm and clear...
  • Lock in your SOUL GOALS...
  • Expand your VISION...
  • Enjoy deep SOUL COMMUNION and SUPPORT...
  • Learn NEW SKILLS...
These SOUL exercises will train your inner muscles to stay:
  • CALM


Your SOUL is a potent DRIVER of your life. Through this 26 video course, each week

your soul will feel loved and understood, and each week your soul will grow.

This is a practical tool-packed SOUL TRAINING PROGRAM 

 you can use over and over again to skill-up and evolve your soul.  


 Join In Our Soul Workout Community

  • As a subscriber to the Soul Workout Video Training you'll have direct access to me through our ASK ALICIA CHAT CAFE (this is an exclusive opportunity as I am not available for personal consultations).
  • You'll discover deeper insights from training conversations I have with other members, as they share their inner journeys and joy when meeting their own soul and amazement at the simple yet powerful inner skills I reveal. 


OK - let's take a look right inside our exclusive Soul Training Portal! .... here it is:

Inside - you'll discover other Soul Training Classes

with exclusive speed of content in this Soul Training Portal.  

These courses provide a continuity of evolution training for your soul. 

I am unique in my soul training, as every word is a direct transmisson

from my Advanced Spirit Tutors, who know the needs of the human soul. 



What Others Say About 6 Month Soul Workout

“I am in awe and appreciation for the Soul Workout Videos…  Video 9, was amazing. My heartfelt intention for that day, as I woke up, was to release forever a physical pattern of pain… [In the video] I knew that I was receiving and allowing a  change in that moment, the old pattern was gone and the energy attached to my cycle was changed forever.  That day there was no pain, just a beautiful gentle releasing.  I am so thankful and in awe.” W.B. 
“Thank you Alicia for such an amazing video this week!  Thank you for making yourself available for this work and having the courage, energy, and fortitude to do it. You are such an incredible trainer with the most amazing skill I have ever encountered. Thank you for the work you do to put the trappings of ego and self-importance aside. Thank you so much for putting your skill to work, for organizing yourself to do it and making it available to so many of us who really need it and can benefit by it. I truly appreciate it with all my heart…” R.C. USA
Hi Alicia, I just wanted to say how much I love these programs and to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is so simple and doesn't take too much time but it's a lovely way to keep connected." L. K. Australia
"Thank you Alicia. These soul-mentoring videos provide me with hope and peace in a difficult time." L.W.  Australia

"Things have been going so awesome lately, I'm having to get used to the amazingness of it all. I was physically dizzy for a couple days at times. The one thing that I started to do differently when things started changing was watching your videos every day."  N.D. USA




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